Canada’s Best Disposal Services

The Best Disposal Services in Canada

Whether it’s time for spring cleaning at home or you’re in need of complex industrial disposal services, Trash King has you covered. Our team of disposal and recycling professionals treats every project with the respect and diligence you expect and demand.


Trash King is proud of our recycling experts, and we’re continually updating our team’s training and our equipment to meet all your disposal service needs. That means we’re always here to tackle those jobs you’ve been dreading and will do so promptly and efficiently.


We also respect our environment, and all our staff members are dedicated to providing the type of service you need using the greenest methods possible. Of course, we’re always ready to discuss your project or disposal needs, so contact our team today to determine the best strategy to use for your disposal project.

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Trash King’s Recycling Team Covers All the Bases


While the need for recycling grows constantly, not all services provide the types and levels of service to meet every client’s needs. At Trash King, we constantly look for new and innovative ways to meet your recycling and disposal needs. The techniques used to manage waste of all types are constantly evolving, and we’re ready to guarantee our experts always use the most eco-friendly recycling and disposal strategies possible. So, what types of services does Trash King provide?


Residential Services.

Every home produces some level of waste, and our team is here to ensure that waste is handled properly. We know many Vancouver homeowners care how and where waste is disposed of. That’s why we’re happy to explain our services and how they benefit the Greater Vancouver area. Got questions? Feel free to contact our team today for honest answers to your recycling and disposal questions.


Commercial Disposal Services.

Our team offers green, ethical disposal services throughout the Lower Mainland. If you’re located anywhere in Vancouver or the surrounding areas, we’re here to help. To keep our region beautiful, we recycle whenever possible and responsibly dispose of any materials that can’t currently be recycled. Of course, we only use disposal facilities approved by government regulators and the Recycling Council of British Columbia.


Industrial Disposal Services.

Larger companies often face unique disposal and recycling issues. Those organizations routinely generate significant amounts of waste they need to dispose of properly. Trash King’s recycling and disposal team works with area companies to define and implement strategies to deal with all waste that’s generated by larger firms. If you’re looking for industrial waste solutions, contact our team for more information.


Of course, these are basic outlines, and we realize every client’s needs will vary to some degree. That’s why we take the time to evaluate your disposal and recycling needs before making any recommendations. Here are a few of the more specialized services we routinely provide.


Junk Disposal


While that’s a pretty broad term, we find it fits many situations perfectly. If you’re cleaning out a home of a deceased relative or getting an apartment ready for a new tenant, it’s often difficult to get rid of the junk.


Trash King also works with commercial clients that need accumulated rubbish removed. If you’ve simply let too much junk accumulate or you’re moving to a new location, contact our team here or at 604.433.5865 to determine how best to deal with that junk.


Construction and Renovation Debris Disposal


No one likes to see debris left lying around a construction site. That’s why doing so is generally frowned on by local municipalities. The mess is unsightly, but it’s also dangerous. It’s far easier to keep a site clean rather than face a major cleanup effort at the end of a project. Ask one of our team members about the various dumpsters to handle that waste properly and keep the neighbors and local authorities happy.


When you’re discussing your construction site waste management needs, don’t forget to ask about recycling. Much of the material disposed of during the course of a construction project can be recycled, and we’re more than happy to help you determine where and how to dispose of all types of construction site waste properly.


Recycle Whenever Possible


If your company or organization is faced with handling a large volume of recyclable material, we’re here to help. Many of our clients use dedicated dumpsters to hold paper, cardboard, and metal, and other materials that should always be recycled rather than discarded at a landfill.


Once the recyclable materials are picked up, we make sure they’re delivered to facilities that properly deal with them. Rather than risking your valuable recyclable materials going to the wrong processor, ask us about the various options available in our area.


We’re Here to Solve Disposal and Recycling Problems


At Trash King, we routinely work with clients experiencing unique needs. That means we’ve got the experience necessary to design a disposal solution to fit virtually any situation. Our team expertly deals with a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial disposal and recycling problems. If you’re unsure how to proceed with a waste disposal issue, our team has the equipment and expertise to make sure your recycling and waste disposal issues are resolved in the best way possible.


Remember, keeping the Vancouver area beautiful is our goal. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our team is poised to meet every client’s disposal needs. Whether it’s a short-term dumpster rental to take care of a residential cleanout or long-term industrial dumpster rentals to handle a major company’s recycling needs, we’ve got the personnel and equipment required.


Get Started Today


The first step in handling any recycling or disposal needs is understanding what options are available. Before making any decisions, contact our team at 604.433.5865 to discuss your needs. We’re here to evaluate your requirements and make recommendations.


We also understand your needs can change, which means we always welcome your questions. While one solution may be the best option today, it’s easy to revise services to meet future challenges. Make that call now. At Trash King, we are here to help.


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