The Procedure of Waste Disposal in Whistler

Waste Disposal History in Whistler, BC
The Village of Whistler used to be a dumping point for waste, and it was Alta Lake Sons of Tipplers Society who took on the responsibility of collecting it. Though some believed it to be Carney’s Waste Systems, it is not so. It was not until 1960s that the Valley of Whistler get a centralized location for dumping waste. The people of Whistler Valley, earlier known as Alta Lake, formed an association called Alta Lake Ratepayers Association (ALRA ) and applied for an area to dump their waste at the Whistler Mountain base. Today it is the location of the Whistler Village. Donations of labor and equipment like dumpster rentals from the Valleau Logging Company helped and each family of the Alta Lake area were made responsible to keep the region tidy and remove any garbage displaced by the bears, back into its ditches.

Whistler Vs Bears
Since Recycling had not been known or practiced then as it is today, people would reuse whatever had the potential and dispose of the rest. It was during this time that the bears started aggressively raking up the garbage. This turned it messier as skiing, a sport developed here attracted tourists, who in turn added to the garbage. This attracted more bears, and some tourists even hunted those bears for excitement. Finally, it was in 1977 when the Whistler Village was built, the garbage dump was moved first to Cheakamus and in 2005, to its present location, Callaghan Valley, during the construction of the Olympic Athletes Village.

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