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Organzing Bin Rentals doesn’t have to be a major stress. Many happy customers have found that, once they started digging through their stuff, whether it be old wet boxes from the basement,  or all sorts of old clothes, dressers and other furniture,  or tailings from the garage, that all this junk was a lot more than they anticipated. Though it may seem like overkill at the start, renting a bin may be just the ticket all that crap needs to get off your property. We like to play games and see who can tetris their bin the best, utilizing as much space as possible! Anyway, all joking aside, we have the bin for you, no matter what type of home renovation, cleaning or simply trashing job you may have on the go.


For larger projects, check out our Commercial Bin Rentals. We know that junk and trash do not discriminate. At Trash King, we have the bins to handle anything you can throw at us. Major job sites can be a major mess, and dangerous, and need receptacles for the waste. Plywood, concrete, taping and ducting, siding and screws can all be disposed of neatly and effectively with our heavy-duty bins.


Ordering your bin is easy. 1) Call us or email us with your information, the type of bin you’d like, an address and a time to drop it all off. 2) We can confirm any order by taking your credit card information. 3) We will arrive on time to drop off your bin. We use a pulley system to ease our bins into place so as to ensure that we do not damage any property. 4) Take as much time as you need to fill your bin. We don’t care as long as you are satisfied with the experience. 5) When your bin is full, simply call us and we will pick it up the same way we dropped it off. We will remove the bin and dispose of all the waste responsibly and professionally.


Use Your Own Labour

If you are a homeowner, business owner or commercial property or job site looking for a place to throw your garbage, check out our Cheap Dumpster Rentals. No longer do you have to pile your junk up on the corner, wondering when you are going to incur a fine and how you will split it amongst the other businesses who dump there as well. With our Dumpster Service, all you have to do is walk over to the bin and throw it inside. Too many times have we seen an otherwise lovely street corner overflowing with junk and garbage. Make this the day you exercise your right to a free and clean society by calling for a bin or dumpster so, under your own power, you can do your part for your neighborhood.


All we do is drop the bin off, pick it up and dispose of the waste. Everything in between is up to you. Anything found outside the bin will not be touched as we assume everything to go is within the bin. It is wise for any contractor, home or business owner or otherwise to make sure their staff of lackeys are stuffing that bin to the max. Why would anyone pay for us to take space? Space is what we brought you! We really don’t care what you put in it, so be on top of utilizing every square foot of our bins so you can be sure to get the most out of your Trash King experience.


When Should You Rent a Bin?

People from all over rent bins for all kinds of reasons. Renovations and Yard Clean Up are two of the main reasons for residential owners to rent bins. Get that unwanted old waste out of there for good and free up space for the new. Declutter your yard to please your neighbours or build a pond, make a nice walkway or plant out some gorgeous gardens. Whatever the project, our removal services make cleaning up a breeze!


Residential Bin Rentals, Industrial Bin Rentals, Commercial Bin Rentals, we have it all! There is absolutely no reason to think that you can get by on any job site or home renovation project without some place to put all of the inevitable garbage. Those searching for Dumpster Rentals Locally have landed in the promised land by finding Trash King Dumpsters and Bins. We happily serve multitudes of locations across B.C. and Canada so, no matter where the job is, we can get there!


A Bin For Every Job, Size Matters

We have all the Bin Sizes anyone could ever want for any job site, great and small. Our 10 Yard Bin, 12 Yard Bin and 15 Yard Bins are perfect for any home or smaller residential project. These bins are perfect for hauling dirt and rocks to make a garden or pond and are heavy-duty enough to handle all the scraps from you tearing apart the inside of your home. For those larger projects, whether they be residential, commercial or industrial, our 20 Yard Bin, 30 Yard Bin and 40 Yard Bins are designed specifically to handle any and all types of junk.


We have been taking crap for years so you don’t have to and, in an environment as delicate as the one planet we have, it is the great responsibility of every citizen to do our part. We ensure proper disposal of even the trickiest of materials. We sort and separate all of your trash so as to protect and maintain the planet our children and children’s children are set to inherit. This frees you up to tackle the rest of the jobs on your to do list.


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