Foothills Landfills temporary closure due to Power outage

Broken power line closes the Foothills Blvd Regional Landfill
In a recent development, a statement was released by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, in which it was stated that the Foothills Landfill has been temporarily closed. The reason for this closure is that a power line near the Foothills Blvd Regional Landfill had broken down. This has posed a dangerous situation as the line that has broken down is at a very close proximity to the landfill. The operations at the landfill is in full swing and hence the downed line can be a life hazard to the people working in the landfill. Clarifying the move to temporarily shut down the landfill operations, the Regional District stated that it was basically to ensure that the general public, the staff as well as the contractors working at the landfill were safe and secure. Therefore, it was essentially a precautionary move to stop the functions at the landfill. They further notified that the situation has been explained to the BC Hydro, and they are working to rectify the condition.

However, an update has been released later informs the general public that even though the landfill has re-opened some of the areas like Hart are still suffering the power outage.

Areas affected by Power Outage:
The website of the BC Hydro displays the information regarding the outage and claims that more than 2,100 people have been affected. The affected areas are mostly in and around the Foothills Blvd Regional Landfill and some of these areas include the South of the Knights Cross, East of the Foothills Boulevard and the West side of the Rose Mont Drive.

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