Trash Removal Service: A History in Greater Vancouver

The Dawn Of Junk Removal Services
We all know that Greater Vancouver is the epicenter for everything trash removal. Brian Scudamore from 1-800-GOT-JUNK pioneered the junk removal industry locally and success breeds copycats. While imitation may be the greatest form of flattery for some, what the stereotype of what junk disposal companies do is nothing short of appalling. What was once a “man with truck” market where an average guy with above average problems showed up to your house when you found his ad in the newspaper. You haggled and had to run to the bank because he only accepted cash. Even though, everyone knows he wasn’t reporting the income to the government from the trash removals, he still charged you GST and rounded up for your convenience when you didn’t have exact change to give him.

The Professional Trash Removal Service
On this foundation, Rubbish Boys set out to clean up junk in a professional and organized manner. They sought out to add professionalism to an infant industry that had never even been considered until this point. Everything from uniforms and branded trucks to central call centers and state of the art websites. Other companies in the area like Trash Busters or now 1-800-RID-OF-IT and 604-TRASH-IT started fighting for their share of the trash removals market in Vancouver, BC. In the USA, companies like College Hunks Hauling Junk quickly started popping up across the country.

With reliable trash services, only a phone call away, sometimes the cost can get out of hand. The big guys with 1-800 numbers and call centers charge a premium price but are licensed, insured and bonded and are very good to deal with. With the higher price point opens room for low cost trash removers like Trash King. We haul more for less. What might cost $600 in a brand new blue junk removal truck, only costs $500 in our new trucks. We won’t be leaking oil on you driveway like a man with truck operator and we charge less than the big guys with the fancy offices and chief executive officers.

Trash Removal by Trash King – Services That You Can Count On
The next time you are looking for trash removers in Metro Vancouver call Trash King. We offer a middle range between the “1-800-RIP-YOU-OFFS” and the “CASH ONLY” alcoholic socially awkward man with truck operators. We have upfront pricing so that you will never be hit with surprise charging when we come to collect. Everything upfront. Call us today.

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