B.C Government faces legal Petition Sent by a Recycling firm

Recycling Firm Challenging the Status Quo On Tires
The Government of British Columbia faces a legal petition launched against it by Crumb Rubber Manufacturers Inc. The company is involved in the recycling process of old tires from the recycle bins into various products of rubber which is useful in the making of asphalt, playground mulch and sports fields. Ever since 2014, it was unable to make its position in the market due to the constant rejection by Tire Stewardship B.C., or TSBC, the Association that controls and operates the program for tire recycling in the province of British Columbia. Ever since the tire recycling program was established in 2007, the two companies that have had the permission to recycle tires are the Lehigh Northwest Cement and the Western Rubber Products. The former company is involved in the incineration of tires which in turn is used as fuel, and the latter is involved in the conversion of the rubber from the used tire to manufacture landscaping mulch. TSBC offers incentives to both the companies for their efforts made to either burn or recycle used tires.

The Legal Petition:
Filed in March in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the legal petition claims that the three parties involved which are the Ministry of Environment, the director of waste management and the TSBC selected the two companies Lehigh Northwest Cement and the Western Rubber Products , without following any formal process for applications. It also claims that the two companies charge the general public exorbitant rates for disposing of the tires and also do not adhere to environmentally friendly methods.

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