County Chamber to partner with Virginia Energy Share

The Goochland County Chamber of Commerce has announced a new partnership with Virginia Energy Sense (VES) in an effort to help reduce electricity consumption in Goochland and across Virginia. An energy education program, VES is managed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission and focused on reducing statewide electricity consumption by 10 percent by 2020.

Virginia Energy Sense’s mission is two-fold: to help Virginians understand their energy use and, more importantly, to learn how to save energy easily and cost effectively. Reducing electricity consumption is vital to Virginia’s business community because it will allow businesses to invest possibly millions of dollars that would otherwise be spent on energy costs into economic growth, job creation and innovation. By building partnerships across the Commonwealth, Virginia will reap the economic rewards of this critical effort.

“Partnering with the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce will help us spread the word about VES’s mission and help the Commonwealth reach its goal,” said Andy Farmer, manager of Virginia Energy Sense.
The Goochland County Chamber of Commerce joins many other organizations throughout the Commonwealth that are already supporting VES, including local Chambers, schools and colleges, local governments, businesses and non-profits.
“We are excited to partner with VES to help our community and members learn more about energy efficiency and sustainability opportunities in the state,” said Bonnie Creasy, executive director of the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce. “By helping Virginia reach this important goal by 2020, we will create more economic opportunities for residents in Central Virginia and across the Commonwealth.”

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