Confusing Recycling Rules that are not People Friendly

Non-Friendly Recycling Rules
The rules set for the recycling process has led to a lot of confusion among the people who would like to contribute to the program yet are not educated enough to understand the different rules. There are four different colored dumpsters and a normal citizen does not know what goes where. On being tested by Ross McLaughlin on Your Side and Albert Shamess of Zero Waste Vancouver, the general public Vancouver showed a lack of awareness about disposing the trash and also exhibited a poor sense of what goes where.

Spreading Awareness Of What Goes Where
Shamees advised the people to take note of the pictures painted on the bins. Streetscape, is a program conducted along with Recycle BC, which arranges for the collection of products from the recycling bins. The people can be engaged on a private basis to collect the products for recycling from condos, building, and work places. However, in both cases there are again different rules that add to the confusion.
In an answer to a query by a resident who suggested that all the garbage can be collected in one garbage bin and sent for recycling, Shammess rejected the suggestion saying that the procedure may contaminate the products fit for recycling.
Other tools that help the ordinary resident to understand what goes where include:
• VanSort a game on the signs and symbols of recycling and which helps to enhance recycling skills.
• Gather information from the website of Recycle BC
• Recycling Council of British Columbia helps to educate people on the wider aspects of recycling and the products for recycling.

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