Tires dumped illegally on Muddy Creek

On Friday morning, Madison County Solid Waste Department personnel collected a trailer load of used automobile tires that had been dumped on the banks of Muddy Creek near the Cane Springs Road bridge.

The tires were dumped less than 24 hours earlier, said Scott Tussey, county solid waste coordinator.

“They weren’t there Thursday afternoon, and they still had frost on them this morning, so they hadn’t been there for too long,” he said.

From the tires’ appearance, they were likely dumped by a business that receives tires, Tussey said.

“It probably would have cost them about $500 to properly dispose of this many tires,” he said.

This was the second time that county employees have picked up illegally dumped tires near the site, Tussey said.

In addition to avoiding the disposal fee, the business probably collected a disposal fee on each tire from customers, he continued.

The solid waste department will work with law enforcement to find the perpetrator, but Tussey asked that anyone who sees illegal dumping taking place to immediately call local law enforcement.

While the solid waste department investigates cases of illegal dumping, law enforcement agencies in the county, including the sheriff’s office and Kentucky State Police can arrest perpetrators, he noted.

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