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If you do not own a truck and have the labor to remove your unwanted junk, rubbish, and construction waste then you need a waste removers service. TrashKing has been providing disposal of residential waste including junk removal of rubbish, clutter, refuse and other household trash since 2005. Our team of waste removals providers are ready and willing to help with any job big or small.

We offer commercial waste removal services to businesses looking to remove their production off cuts, cardboard and crew lunches. We sometimes provide commercial waste services that include recycling and repurposing as well as Leeds Certified solutions that reduce your carbon footprint through ethical waste removal solutions.

Call TrashKing today at 604-433-5865 to get a waste removal audit. We offer industrial waste removal services that include site inspections, waste removal research and sometimes result in carbon tax off credits and tax rebates for innovation in waste removal.

Municipalities are even hiring waste removal companies to get rid of their recycling. Private removals are less expensive than city workers picking up and hauling the waste. Companies like Smithrite who got the Vancouver, British Columbia contract from Multi Material BC to collect the cities blue box recycling. The following items are not eligible for recycling and require waste disposal: oils and filters, rocks, dirt and sod, pesticides, electronics, pharmaceuticals and medications, mattress and boxsprings, car parts, batteries, tires, pet waste and animal carcasses, paint solvents and hazardous materials, particulate waste, uncontained liquids as well as biomedical pathological waste.

Waste Disposal Contractors
Whether you are homeowner looking for help with your residential waste disposal company or a business looking for disposal of commercial waste we have an inventory of containers ready to dispose of your unwanted materials. Call Trash King at 604-433-5865 today to find out more about the best waste disposal company in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Trash King has been rated the number one waste disposal company for many reasons including their low prices, great customer service, and quality bins, dumpsters, and other equipment. Trash King offers many services including bin rentals, waste and junk disposal, estate cleanup, and much more. For full details and for pricing you can go to their website at or call their office number (604)-433-5865.

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