Concerns over Mission Mayor’s New Recycling Program in British Columbia

Mission’s New Recycling Program Creates Concerns
The new recycling program and the system for the same have been receiving a lot of flak from various quarters. Concerns were voiced by some members of the public as well as from the council. One of the major concerns is the new rule regarding the separation of items like plastic wraps and glass products. Questions raised include the need for such a regulation and the need to streamline the returning of such items more convenient and easy. According to councilor Danny Plecas, the official point of recycling products which is the Recycle BC location has not really made the process simple and people –friendly. According to Mayor Randy, two recycling disposal bin locations are needed to handle the large amount of products that are generated, and questions why RBC cannot manage and pay for the two locations. He was against the taxpayers paying for it as it is the responsibility of the Mission in BC.

The New Procedures by RBC:
In April new changes in the method of picking up the materials is to begin. There are to be separate disposal bins to collect glass items and plastic, and plastic bags will not be allowed in garbage bins, and the residents can drop off the materials at their nearest depot. The two major recycling facilities run by the Mission in British Columbia are the Mission Bottle Depot on Park Street and the Mission Recycling Depot on Mershon Street. The former is the official Recycle BC (RBC) location.

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