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Spring Cleaning in Vancouver, British Columbia
Spring is here and its time to start thinking about those chores that have been postponed during the winter. If your “honey-do” list has demolition, renovations or construction on it, then the company at Trash King – Bin Rental Vancouver wants to help you get rid of your waste in the most affordable and environmentally friendly manner possible.

Outdoor Construction & Demolition Chores
Whether that is tearing up an old driveway and putting down new cement, blacktop or road-base at Trash King – Bin Rental Vancouver we have your removals covered. If you are looking to tear down an old fence and put up a shiny new treated wood materials fence or rip up an old deck and put down a new family are for outdoor entertaining, Trash King has your trash disposal covered. A tip from our company is to get the bin rental that you need early so that its ready and waiting when you get motivation, extra hands to help or weather that calls for action. Trash King is here to help, just let us know when you would like your bin delivered and we will do our best to accommodate.

Indoor Rubbish Removal & Junk Disposal Chores
If your project is de-cluttering your basement to make room for a family media area or attacking the rubbish in the attic to make room for a new contemporary work-space, at Trash King – Bin Rental Vancouver we have your trash removal covered. We can drop off a bin in the morning and leave it on site for up to a week. That way, you can pick away at the household rubbish as you need to and make sure that everything you want to keep is kept and everything that has to go is put in the garbage dumpster.

The Trash King – Bin Rental Vancouver Company
Our company of drivers are professional and courteous and experienced. We can put the removals bin in tight spots and do our best to accommodate same day requests for bin rental and bin pick-ups. We do criminal record checks on our employees and our safety record is impeccable. We know that you don’t want just anyone onto your job sites, homes or rental properties and we work with you to ensure that any company member treats your property with respect, due care and the attention it deserves.

Our company of dispatchers are friendly and knowledgeable and can often help you strategize the lowest cost way to dispose of your rubbish. For example, separating out your metal and cardboard and taking that to a local facility will save room in the bins for the stuff that really matters. If you have a lot of one type of garbage, often we can save you money by taking those materials to a special facility and pass the savings onto you. Our dispatching company does their very best to ensure that your home trash disposal project is completed efficiently and with the lowest carbon footprint.

Renting A Bin in West Vancouver
If you have made the decision that its time to rent a bin in West Vancouver all you have to do is call 604-433-5865 and one of our bin rentals specialists will help you choose the best size of bin and rental period. We can often drop the bins off in the morning and pick them up same-day or leave them for up to a week. If you need a rush pick up or emergency dump and return, our company will shuffle things around the best they can to accommodate. When you are finished with your bin, simply call and let us know that you need it picked up and we will get it off your property in a jiffy. We take it to the landfill and weigh in and weigh out so that you are only paying for the tipping fees that you use. Most of our bins include a good chunk of tipping fees so that you would only be responsible for the excess weight. Our bin rental dispatching company is ready and waiting to chat about your project and will help guide you the process. Simply give us a call.

Environmental Impact of Home Bin Rentals
At Trash King – Bin Rental Vancouver we pride ourselves in continually looking for innovative ways to dispose of your garbage. We can recycle the concrete, blacktop, contaminated soil, dirt and gypsum. We also recycle the clean green waste if its source separated out. Our company often finds ways for your rubbish, trash and rubbish to be diverted from the landfill and re-purposed, recycles or re-used. Call Trash King today and find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint through using an ethical removals contractor like Trash King today.

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