Target Technologies International Inc., TPE, EPDM and Synthetic Turf Recycling Striving for Environmental Sustainability in the Synthetic Turf Market

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 17 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Target Technologies International Inc. (TTII) a wholly-owned subsidiary of the QUIKRETE Group of Companies is extremely pleased with the positive feedback received on their TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE Infill, their TTII PLAY-SAFE 65 EPDM Infill and their end-of-life recycling program for used synthetic turf.

TTII has received many calls regarding the sometimes confusing task of infill selection. John B. Giraud, TTII’s Managing Director states, “We must consider what we are playing on when it comes to our health and our safety. TTII has completed extensive testing on our TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE Infill and TTII’s PLAY-SAFE 65 EPDM Infill and believe both of these products meeting California’s Prop 65, are leaders in the industry.

TTII has been very successful this year in taking used synthetic turf and recycling it into useable post-consumer products such as nailer boards and fence posts that are being sold back into the North American market. Our global program is now recognized by well-known groups in the industry. When discussing this marketing campaign, John comments, “We have a responsibility to be green where ever possible. Why would one consider landfilling or stock piling in a warehouse or on a plot of land somewhere when it can be so detrimental to our environment? We provide a Certificate of Compliance showing the chain of custody from the time the turf leaves the site to the time it has been recycled into usable post consumer products. Peace of mind for sportsfield owners, and for the commercial and residential markets.”

When it comes to safety, sustainability and the environment make Target Technologies International Inc. your choice for infills and the recycling of your synthetic turf. For more information, visit us online at or email us at By phone: 1.888.887.7373.

A member of the QUIKRETE™ Group of Companies, Target Technologies International is a leading supplier of environmentally friendly products and logistics solutions to the synthetic turf industries

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