Imminent ban on coffee cups and foam containers soon in the City of Vancouver

Rules against Single use and throw waste are to be brought into effect in the City of Vancouver
In a major step taken to reduce the single use and throw of coffee cups, plastic bags, and take-away containers that seem to clutter up the garbage dumps in and around the City of Vancouver, the Councilor has decided to consult the public regarding a possible ban on the use of them. It is understood that the garbage in the disposal bins is made up of coffee cups that account for more than 2.6 million, which according to Councilor Andrea Reimer is adding to the cost of waste removal. The use of plastic and foam containers are generally seen in the packages of take –away meals. Once the meals are consumed the cups, bowls and plates find their way to the garbage bins. Styrofoam containers are very popular because they are not only weightless but also strong enough to hold hot food stuff. The material cannot be recycled and hence it is an environmental hazard. Therefore, the take-away outlets will have to find other more environmental friendly options. One of the major hurdles that faces the complete ban is finding an alternative to the coffee cups as that is seen as one of the handiest materials being used.

The 2040 Zero Waste Goal
The single use waste is generally made up of plastic bags, foam packaging, containers and above all disposable coffee cups. A number of researches have been conducted in order to find ways and means to reduce the waste piling up in the garbage dumpsters. Not finding a solution to tackle the problem, a ban on such substance seems to be imminent in order to achieve the 2040 Zero Waste Goal

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