The Making of the Garbage Man

The “Garbage Man” A Film By Alan Miller
The “Garbage Man” is a short film of 8 minutes, shot by filmmaker Alan Miller. Fascinated in his childhood by the waste recycling industry, he compiles his film with a unique blend of facts of recycling and his personal experiences from his childhood.

It was during his childhood in Vancouver BC that Miller, was introduced to what he named his film “Garbage man” who would wave out to him with a hello as he sat by his window. His ambition to become a garbage man was soon looked down upon by his friend’s father especially when he proposed to marry his daughter.

However, Miller grew up to become a filmmaker rather than a garbage man and followed his dream in college to learn film making. His latest release is the short film “Garbage Man”, which highlights the life and times of Miller. His interest in the waste recycling industry revived and it is with those memories of events that he created the story of the film

Shooting the film
The film, “Garbage Man” was shot in just a couple of days and sourcing out a truck for the film was one of the biggest challenges faced. After a few failures to hire a truck, he saw success with a rental truck company that specialized in trucks for film making. He managed to get one that was previous used for the filming of the “X-files”. A used truck by filmmakers usually ended up looking messy, dirty and full of grime, which was the exact look that Miller wanted for his film.
Miller is today contemplating converting the short film garbage man into something larger.

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