Welcome to our local bin rentals page. We service the Tri Cities and Burquitlam areas with bins for rent services. Our operation is safe and environmentally friendly because we typically recycle up to eighty percent of what we collect from our customers. So if you are in River Heights and looking for Coquitlam Bin Rentals its a safe bet to trust the disposal experts at Trash King

That’s right, we have economical waste bin solutions in the Coquitlam Centre area and the entire Tricities community. Simply give our bin rentals company a call at 778-806-5119 and talk to a disposal bin expert. We have some tips to help you get better value from your bin rentals solution. For example, its amazing how much household junk comes out of the woodwork when you are cleaning up your real estate investment. We suggest ordering a Coquitlam bin slightly larger than you think you should. Of course, we are happy to deliver whatever you request and we definitely prefer to rent more bins but underestimating how much materials that you have is a common mistake among our customers.  Whenever we can share our 11 years of experience as an affordable bin rental solution with our clients, we provide better value and we hope this retains you a customer.

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