If your property is in transition from 70’s style architectures to something more contemporary, hire the best bin rentals company in West Vancouver, British Columbia today. Simply call 604-433-5865 and talk to our rent a bin experts who can work with do it yourself homeowners and contractors alike. Sometimes we can find waste bin strategies to reduce costs and maximize value for our customers. Something noteworthy to mention is that when you support TrashKing you are casting your vote for ethical disposal practices. Don’t be fooled by low initial prices from fly by night type bin rentals service provider willing to say anything to secure your business. Too often, we see hefty additional costs that crop up to cover the inexperience of the people quoting. Call TrashKing when your renting a bin in West Van.

When you have a new home construction in West Vancouver give our team the chance to earn your waste bin rental. We have been serving your community since 2005 and our customer satisfaction rating is above average. Our flexible rental periods will keep you coming back for more bin rentals and telling your neighbors. Please give the best bin rental services company a call when you need the bins for rent on the west shore. We service residential customers and commercial enterprises.

    Need a garbage bin rental in West Vancouver? With TrashKing, you never have to pay for drop off. Take your time loading the bin and call for prompt removal when you’re through loading. Whether you have construction debris to get rid of, household furniture, remodel waste or any other garbage or junk to be removed, call TrashKing at 604-433-5865 and order a bin rental today.

    Thinking about a bin rental in West Vancouver for your next remodeling or construction project? It’s easy to see why more and more home and business owners are opting to rent a waste bin instead of trying to collect and haul of the debris on their own. Bin rental is not only affordable, it makes life so much easier.
    TrashKing offers affordable bin rental throughout all of West Vancouver and beyond. For your next home repair, renovation, remodel or cleanout consider calling TrashKing for a fast and free delivery of one of their bins. They have the perfect size to meet your need, regardless of the type of job you have in mind.
    If you’re looking for a reason to rent a mini bin or dumpster, you don’t have to look very far. The convenience of renting a bin is of course one reason why so many locals choose TrashKing. Some other advantages of bin rental in West Vancouver include:
    – Fast Cleanup. A construction or renovation project that is poorly managed can easily turn into a catastrophic mess in your yard or site, leading a much longer time it will take to cleanup after the job. Renting a bin gives your workers continuous access to a safe and convenient place to throw out debris and garbage throughout the entire project, not just when the job is complete. You can reduce and virtually eliminate on-site cleanup with the rental of a bin. TrashKing offers a great selection of sizes to perfectly meet the needs of your project.
    – Safer workplace. if you want to reduce the risks of your workers getting injured on the job, keeping your work area clutter-free is the best way to do that. Immediately throwing away waste and debris keeps nails, broken wood, metal and all types of hazardous materials off of the ground and in the perfect place to be quickly hauled off when the job is done. 
    – Eco-safe. If you want to make sure your debris and garbage is being disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, a commercial bin rental for your West Vancouver project is the way to go. Laws and regulations control the proper disposal of waste products, so you know you’re going to make the least impact on your environment when you rent a bin. Everything that can be recycled will be repurposed and what ends up in the local landfill will be considerably less than a DIY haul-off for your residential bin rental.
    TrashKing used facilities that source separate materials from construction waste bins to effectively reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the Vancouver landfill. They estimate that 80% of what you put into their bins will be recycled, and that makes customers feel great about calling TrashKing.
    For more information about an affordable bin rental in West Vancouver, call 604-433-5865 or visit online at trashking.ca to see a full list of services they provide to the community.