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Best Dumpster Service

Are you a homeowner looking for dumpster services?

We know how much work it can be to search online for dumpsters and find dumpster services offered by so many companies that all look the same. But, what appears to be a commodity, really isn’t at all.

At TrashKing we bring 59 years of experience in dumpster rental services. Our partners Fleetwood Waste Systems have been in business since 1973 and that means many years of successful waste management solutions. We have the inventory of dumpsters and the industry expertise to deliver the best dumpster services in Greater Vancouver including North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Surrey, BC.

Is your business looking for commercial dumpster services?

Whether you are a contractor renovating a retail chain for rebranding or a property manager cleaning up a strata for a yearly spring cleaning event, we have an inventory of dumspters ready for you. Our roll off dumpster services include delivery and pickup and often some tipping fees. Our garbage dumpster pricing is affordable and reliable and our drivers are professional as well as fully licensed and insured with workers compensation, ICBC and general liability insurance. Contact Trash King today to get commercial dumpster service pricing from our team of local dumpster company professionals.

Did you know that we offer a 10AM Same Day Dumpster Container Guarantee?

Did someone cancel and leave you with labor and nothing to do with it? All you have to do is call us before 10am and we will do our darndest to get you a dumpster rental before sunset. Its our way of showing you how much we appreciate your business. We employ additional staff members, trucks and an inventory of garbage dumpsters that will all us to provide dumpster delivery services to Metro Vancouver including Vancouver West, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam, BC.

Are You Looking For Industrial Garbage Dumpster Service?

Its great that you found us then. We have a team of dedicated drivers ready for same day emergency dumpster services and regularly scheduled dump and returns. We work with you to deliver a service level well above the norm. We don’t want your business just today, we are hoping to build a partnership and grow with your business as it generates more waste.

If your home or business creates waste, then you need dumpster services. Trust Trash King to deliver value well beyond the other dumpster service providers in the area. With a focus on customer service, upfront billing and a sameday dumpster delivery promise that if you call before 10am, we will drop off a dumpster that day.  When you factor in our ethical disposal practices and the fact that our waste dumpsters end up being 80% recycled and that we divert as much garbage from the landfills as possible, it’s a no-brainer to get a dumpster services quote from us today by calling 604-433-5865.


Garbage Company Waste Collection

Types of Waste Classification by Garbage Company

Proper waste management is a concern for all households and businesses all around the globe. Whether you generate large volumes of waste like in construction projects or you are just but a tiny office producing small amounts, you will still have need for proper waste disposal services. All around the world, there are a number of garbage companies helping households and businesses get rid of the various types of waste they generate.

For you to make the most from such companies, it is vital to understand the various classifications of waste so that you know the type of waste your respective establishment is producing and so that you can know how to choose the right garbage company. Here is a brief overview of how waste is classified by most companies all around the globe-:

Domestic waste

The first classification of waste by the garbage companies is domestic waste. This generally refers to the kind of waste produced at home and they can either be recyclable or non-recyclable waste. They include kitchen refuse such as food left over and spoilt foodstuffs amongst others. For management of domestic waste, households and business usually hire regular services of waste disposal companies who provide waste bins then come and collect them for disposal at regular intervals.

Hazardous and liquid wastes

Certain types of waste have properties that make them harmful or potentially harmful to the human health as well as the environment. These types of wastes are referred to as hazardous wastes. In some instances, the “hazardous” may be used to refer to the activity being carried out with the waste, such as transporting or handling it.

Most governments and local authorities have strict regulation on the generation as well as handling of hazardous wastes. These wastes are normally not handled by the ordinary garbage company, but by waste disposal companies that have specialized knowledge and equipment in handling such wastes.

Construction and demolition waste

These refer to wastes that are generated as a result of construction and demolition services. The waste may not just include rubbish and other unwanted stuff, but also-:

  • asbestos and contaminated soil
  • plasterboards, bricks, concrete, asphalt, vegetation and timber
  • excavated materials like soil and rocks

Since such wastes are usually generated quickly and in very large volumes, the garbage company tasked with its removal normally employs the use of big roll off dumpster to make the process faster and more efficient.


With the advent of technology, there are a lot of gadgets that are no longer used and as such, they are either lying idle in some store somewhere or they are careless dumped in the landfills. These constitute what is now referred to as e-waste and their careful disposal is very important. The e-wastes have components made of harmful substances such as lead amongst other harmful mineral and these should never be allowed to access the environment without proper treatment. In some places, e-waste is considered as a part of the hazardous wastes and will never be handled by any ordinary garbage company.

The other classifications of wastes include organic wastes, mineral oil waste, glass, lead acid batteries waste, dry cleaning waste, tire waste, medical and related waste and bio-solid wastes.

Disposal Service

Metro Vancouver Disposal Service

TrashKing is roll-off and junk removal company that provides a disposal service to homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you are looking for a waste audit to ensure your business is disposing of your trash efficiently, or a dumpster rental to get rid of construction waste on your project, we have just the solution for you. Call 604-433-5865 today and find out how you can get TrashKing to handle your disposal needs.

How to Cut Down on Garbage and Save Money

Most people usually don’t view waste disposal service as a viable avenue for saving money. It should be known to you that you take every opportunity you get to save as much as possible. With regards to waste disposal, either at home, in the office or at business place, it is vital for you to take active steps in reducing the amount of money you spend on the waste disposal services. To help you out, below are some nice tips you can use to cut down on garbage at your home and save some good money in the process-:

Do an extensive trash audit

Before contacting any garbage disposal company, you should have clear idea of exactly what it is they will be carrying away. There is no way to determine this other than conducting an extensive garbage audit so that you have a clear understanding on the nature as well as the amount of garbage you generate.

Though it sounds crazy, a trash audit comes along with lots of beneficial information that will give you more insights on your waste. From the audit, you won’t just discover what constitutes the bulk of your garbage, but also you will know what to cut down on so that you don’t generate a lot of waste.

Learn to use less

From the trash audit above, you can decide to cut heavily on those things that lead to lots of wastes in your home. For instance:

  • If you discovered that you throw away a lot of food, then you should stop buying in bulk and get only what you will need.
  • If you have lots of packaging bags, then you could come up with proper sustainable shopping baskets instead of having lots of bags each and every time.
  • You can decide if the trash can liner is really helpful or if you could simply host out the bin on a regular basis.
  • If you are using more than 2 tablespoons of dish-washing or laundry detergent, then you are probably using more than necessary.

Always choose reusable over disposable

Just like with paper bags, you can always choose reusable over disposable ones at all times to save on waste generation which will consequently save you on the amount you pay on garbage disposal services. For instance, the average American uses up to six napkins on any given day. If this number could be reduced to four, then over two billion pounds of waste could be removed from the landfills annually. Though this is at a national scale, you could also achieve almost similar results at the household level.

Choose disposal services wisely

Cutting on your garbage costs also comes down to the wise choice of a garbage disposal service. You ideal company should not just guarantee good service, but also the services should be availed to you at good rates. Therefore, take your time to do the research and ask for deals as well as discounts on the disposal service to help you save some money in the process.

Rental Service

Rental Service: A Look into Our Dumpsters For Rent Business

We are a dumpster company that provides rental service to homeowners and businesses alike. We also service non-profits, government and non-government agencies. Here are some types of customers that use or bin rental service.

Roofing Contractors use our Rentals Services

We provide bin rental services to roofing contractors who use our dumpsters to put the tear off waste from their re-roofing projects into. They typically dispose of cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, tar and gravel, membrane and torch on too. We can often recycle the materials placed into the bin if they meet certain standards. For example, if the bin is 60%-100% asphalt shingles, we can use a company called Gemaco and recycle the materials at a cost savings to the roofing company and reduce our impact to the environment. One of the reasons that roofers use our dumpster rental service is that we are reliable. When they have a team on a roof costing them hundreds of dollars per hour, time is simply money. Its imperative to their business to have waste contractors do what they say they will and show up on time reliably. This is something that we have built our business upon and our customers have come to expect.

Construction Companies use our Rentals Company

At TrashKing we are very familiar with the needs of builders, general contractors and developers. We service small construction sites with 20-yard dumpster rentals that typically sit on the site for a week or two depending on the phase of the project and are often filled up with everything from lumber off cuts and siding to cardboard boxes and waste products. For larger sites, we rent our 40 yard dumpsters and often there can be more than one bin on a site. Time is money, so if you can place one dumpster on one end of the property and another dumpster on the other, your team saves time by not having to walk as far to fill up the roll off container. Our larger construction companies choose TrashKing because of our reliable service, commitment to the environment and because we have partnered with local waste recycling facilities to reduce their impact on the local landscape and ecosystem. We also service developers who keep waste bin rentals on their properties for the subcontractors on site to use during renovations, building and other stages in the development of land for commercial or multi-family residential apartments.

Renovation Contractors: Dumpster Rental vs Rubbish Removal??

We know that some of our renovation contractors use a combination of junk removal services as well as dumpster rentals. What it usually depends on is how much labor they have on hand at any given time. If their team has extra man hours, it makes sense for them to rent a dumpster and get us to haul it. If they are short on labor, it might make more sense to hire a few strong bodies and a truck and have the materials hauled away by rubbish removers. Whatever the case, we support doing whatever makes the most sense for our renovators and are here when they need us. If you are a renovator and are looking for a cost savings to expensive junk removal services, then please give us a call and find out what the TrashKing rental service can do for your business.

Homeowners: What is the Difference Between Junk Removal and Junk Bin Rentals

A huge part of business is dealing with homeowners. One of the biggest questions that we get at our call center is whether or not the customer needs junk removal or a bin rental service. This is often a personal choice that should take into account whether or not you have the manpower to handle the loading of the unwanted household trash or whether you need someone else to do it for you. We usually recommend a rental service because on average we find that customers are more satisfied at the completion of a dumpster rental service than with using junk removers. The reasoning is this. Junk removal is a service that is quoted when the removal company shows up on your property on the day of disposal. So, its your responsibility to show them every single piece of junk that has to go. If anything else shows up after they have left or after you have been quoted, often you are charged more or the materials are not taken. So, lots of our customers find that a junk removal service only results in 85% of the junk actually being removed which leaves 15% for you to deal with in your minivan or pick up truck. By the time you take that rubbish to the dump and pay for fuel, tipping fees and your time, it rarely is worth it. Instead, if you hire someone for $15 an hour from Craigslist and rent a bin from TrashKing, you can usually get the materials removed 100% and still come in under what the 1-800 Junk Guys charge for removal. Either way, we leave the decision up to you, but we are always here if you want a second opinion on your junk removal strategy.