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Rental Service

Rental Service: A Look into Our Dumpsters For Rent Business

We are a dumpster company that provides rental service to homeowners and businesses alike. We also service non-profits, government and non-government agencies. Here are some types of customers that use or bin rental service.

Roofing Contractors use our Rentals Services

We provide bin rental services to roofing contractors who use our dumpsters to put the tear off waste from their re-roofing projects into. They typically dispose of cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, tar and gravel, membrane and torch on too. We can often recycle the materials placed into the bin if they meet certain standards. For example, if the bin is 60%-100% asphalt shingles, we can use a company called Gemaco and recycle the materials at a cost savings to the roofing company and reduce our impact to the environment. One of the reasons that roofers use our dumpster rental service is that we are reliable. When they have a team on a roof costing them hundreds of dollars per hour, time is simply money. Its imperative to their business to have waste contractors do what they say they will and show up on time reliably. This is something that we have built our business upon and our customers have come to expect.

Construction Companies use our Rentals Company

At TrashKing we are very familiar with the needs of builders, general contractors and developers. We service small construction sites with 20-yard dumpster rentals that typically sit on the site for a week or two depending on the phase of the project and are often filled up with everything from lumber off cuts and siding to cardboard boxes and waste products. For larger sites, we rent our 40 yard dumpsters and often there can be more than one bin on a site. Time is money, so if you can place one dumpster on one end of the property and another dumpster on the other, your team saves time by not having to walk as far to fill up the roll off container. Our larger construction companies choose TrashKing because of our reliable service, commitment to the environment and because we have partnered with local waste recycling facilities to reduce their impact on the local landscape and ecosystem. We also service developers who keep waste bin rentals on their properties for the subcontractors on site to use during renovations, building and other stages in the development of land for commercial or multi-family residential apartments.

Renovation Contractors: Dumpster Rental vs Rubbish Removal??

We know that some of our renovation contractors use a combination of junk removal services as well as dumpster rentals. What it usually depends on is how much labor they have on hand at any given time. If their team has extra man hours, it makes sense for them to rent a dumpster and get us to haul it. If they are short on labor, it might make more sense to hire a few strong bodies and a truck and have the materials hauled away by rubbish removers. Whatever the case, we support doing whatever makes the most sense for our renovators and are here when they need us. If you are a renovator and are looking for a cost savings to expensive junk removal services, then please give us a call and find out what the TrashKing rental service can do for your business.

Homeowners: What is the Difference Between Junk Removal and Junk Bin Rentals

A huge part of business is dealing with homeowners. One of the biggest questions that we get at our call center is whether or not the customer needs junk removal or a bin rental service. This is often a personal choice that should take into account whether or not you have the manpower to handle the loading of the unwanted household trash or whether you need someone else to do it for you. We usually recommend a rental service because on average we find that customers are more satisfied at the completion of a dumpster rental service than with using junk removers. The reasoning is this. Junk removal is a service that is quoted when the removal company shows up on your property on the day of disposal. So, its your responsibility to show them every single piece of junk that has to go. If anything else shows up after they have left or after you have been quoted, often you are charged more or the materials are not taken. So, lots of our customers find that a junk removal service only results in 85% of the junk actually being removed which leaves 15% for you to deal with in your minivan or pick up truck. By the time you take that rubbish to the dump and pay for fuel, tipping fees and your time, it rarely is worth it. Instead, if you hire someone for $15 an hour from Craigslist and rent a bin from TrashKing, you can usually get the materials removed 100% and still come in under what the 1-800 Junk Guys charge for removal. Either way, we leave the decision up to you, but we are always here if you want a second opinion on your junk removal strategy.

Dumpster Rental Company

Our Dumpster Rentals Blueprint in Metro Vancouver

TrashKing has partnered with Fleetwood Waste to bring you the best dumpster rental company in Vancouver, BC. Our dumpsters have been available in the Lower Mainland since 1972 that we have been servicing businesses and homeowners with cost effective and reliable trash bin rentals. What this means to you, the customers of TrashKing is simple.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We didn’t stick around in business for 45 years by providing subpar services. On the contrary, we have built a loyal customer base of contactors, roofers and homeowners who want exceptional customer service when they choose a waste dumpster rental company.

10 AM Same-day Service Guarantee

We know that no matter how hard you plan and try to stick to a schedule things come up. This is why we have created our dumpster drop off or dumpster pick up guarantee. Simply call before 10am seven days a week and have your dumpsters delivered or even picked up on the same day. We cannot guarantee a time, but we will get it done. This service means that we have to keep an extra truck or two on the road but we believe that the added value to your business is worth the extra cost to us. The next time you find yourself with extra labor on hand and wishing you had pre-ordered a trash bin, give TrashKing a call and make use of that extra manpower.

Prorated Dump Fees

Disposal costs are a real burden to waste haulers and often represent up to 50% of the expenses for a dumpster rental company in Greater Vancouver. In an effort to keep your costs down, we offer pro-rated tipping fees on all of our dumpster rental services. So, if you only have 1.44 metric tons and your bin includes the first ton, then you will be charged for .44 tons only. Don’t be fooled by dumpster companies who charge in block amounts and round up for your convenience, choose TrashKing and get prorated dumpster tipping fees with every rental.

Environmental Commitment: Divert Materials From The Landfill Through Innovative Disposal

We know that both your shareholders, owners, employees and customers are all concerned about what impact your company has on the environment. With this in mind, and our own commitment to the environment, we only practice ethical disposal and recycling solutions. This includes choosing garbage disposal partners who are licensed, reputable and who innovate to find recycling solutions to divert materials from the landfills and help reduce your impact on the environment. One partner, Urban Wood Waste Recyclers in Coquitlam actually separates cardboard, wood and metal from your dumpster contents and repurposes and recycles those materials. We can often recycle up to 80% of all waste from our dumpster rentals. This means thousands of tons diverted from landfills and reducing the carbon footprint of both our service and your garbage service.

Cheap Dumpster Rental Services Info

South Fraser Valley Dumpsters

Did you know that the term dumpster is the same as the term bin? Yup, its true, our society has created several names for your waste container. Our customers call asking for disposal bins, waste bins, dumpster bins and even trash bins. Our commercial customers call looking for commercial dumpsters, industrial bins and roll off containers. Our industrial clients call looking for industrial dumpsters, garbage dumpsters and waste management services.

Rolloff Dumpster Rental Services

Whatever, you are calling for, it’s a safe bet that our roll off truck dispatchers will greet you with friendly and expert service. We have many years of experience servicing Surrey, South Surrey, Langley, Fort Langley, Port Kells, Walnut Grove and South Langley. Since 2005, our trucks have been rolling off bins into driveways, carports, alley ways and streets in the South Fraser Valley area. We have rented dirt dumpsters, wood dumpsters, trash dumpsters and our good old faithful cheap garbage dumpsters to homeowners and businesses alike. Our rental dumpsters are ready for drop off after just one phone call to our office. That’s right, simply call 604-433-5865 and our disposal experts can help pick a drop off dumpster that’s right for you. You don’t want too small of a garbage dumpster because then you end up ordering two and that costs more than getting one dumpster twice the size. So, by enlisting the help of our professional dumpster advisors, we can ensure that your project has the best possible chance of being completed on-time and on budget. Tipping your dumpster consultant is completely optional.

If you are looking for efficient dumpster services in South Langley and the Fraser Valley, call 604-433-5865 and get your cheap dumpster today.


Everything You Need to Know About Bins

TrashKing knows everything there is to know about bins. We rent commercial bins to businesses looking to recycle materials like cardboard and metal. Sometimes we call these temporary bins when they are only on the property for a short period. We also offer permanent bins for business where we set up the pickup and drop off the bins on a schedule and everything works in the background while you continue with revenue producing activities. We rent residential bins to homeowners who are renovating and need construction bins placed on site for their contractors to use. We usually get a call from either the home owner or their renovation contractor and then we bring them a new bin and take their old one to the transfer station or recycling facility. The roll off bins are perfect for your industrial projects too. We can bring them to your warehouse, production facility or large corporation and either dump and return the trash bins on a schedule or perform a la carte bin services at the behest of your project. We also offer institutional bins for rent where your government agency or non-profit business can have a waste bin placed on the property for a day or a week depending on the needs of your charitable organization or federal office building. We even have disposal bins ready for your municipal garbage overflow and can haul it away as needed with any phone call before 10am. If you are in the market for bin rental services then call TrashKing to find out about our inventory of bins and rental service, you won’t be disappointed.