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Residential Dumpster Rental Service in Vancouver

Residential Dumpster Rental in Metro Vancouver

Take advantage of a residential dumpster rental at your home and let the waste experts quickly haul all your renovation debris away for you. Trash King provides fast and free drop off dumpster services and will pick up your residential construction dumpster when you’re through loading it. For the best home dumpster rentals trust the team of garbage haulers at Trash King today and call 604-433-5865 for a price quote now. Trash King is a home service that specializes in urban dumpster rentals. We have just the inventory of waste bins for your project.

Are you looking for a residential dumpster rental service?

Trust the recycling and ethical disposal experts at Trash King with your disposal needs. They have an inventory of dumpsters, sized for every home project, so you won’t overpay for space you don’t need.

Trash King does their very best to keep the prices of their dumpster rental down for residents while keeping their recycling percent up to about 80% of the materials that they collect in their bins. You can feel great about throwing your waste, debris, garbage, junk and rubbish into a dumpster from Trash King as they will work hard to repurpose and recycle as much of it as possible to keep it out of your local landfill. That’s a very good reason to hire Trash King for your next home rubbish removal project.

Are you managing a reno project? Trash King has a huge inventory of affordable dumpster rental options in Coquitlam with flexible rental periods and upfront pricing so you won’t have to guess what it’s going to cost you. One call to 604-433-5865 and they’ll have a dumpster right out to you, same day if necessary. Their team of waste removal experts can help you find the most cost-effective way to get rid of your unwanted junk, trash, construction debris or renovation materials. Trash King also offers recycling dumpsters that are perfect for concrete, dirt, soil, asphalt, scrap metal, drywall, gypsum, brick, stone, cardboard and office paper. These dumpsters for recycling are an excellent way to decrease your carbon footprint and help ensure a great environmental future for your children.


Trash King has been providing dumpster rental services to the Vancouver and surrounding areas since 2005. They’ve been a local pick for household jobs because they’re simply the most convenient and affordable company around. Their rental process is simple, just call one of their residential dumpster specialists at 604-433-5865 and they’ll be happy to help you decide the most effective way to remove your waste. Home dumpsters are available in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge. We also service Surrey, Langley and White Rock and South Surrey. For dumpster service in Richmond, Delta and Tsawwassen, we also have you covered. Trust the disposal team at Trash King for all your dumpster rentals.

Home Dumpster Rental Rules

Sometimes there are rules with regard to what can and cannot be put together in a dumpster, so it’s always a good idea to ask the disposal pros from Trash King what they recommend before booking a bin. You don’t have to be home when your dumpster is delivered either- just let the order taker know where you want the bin to be placed and they will take care of it.


Are you looking to improve your curb appeal? Whether you’re planning on hiring a contractor or starting a DIY project, either way, make life as easy on yourself as you can by calling Trash King for a dumpster rental in your Vancouver location. They have rubbish removal bins that are perfect to load up with all of your debris, junk or materials. Construction. Their removal specialists can handle the size and scope of your project, whatever it is.


Call Trash King for affordable dumpster rental in Coquitlam and rest easy knowing they are about to recycle the highest possible percentage of your materials and divert it from your local landfill through re-purposing and recycling of your development waste.


Trash King is committed to your satisfaction every time you call for service. To learn more about a residential dumpster rentals at your Vancouver West site, call 604-433-5865 or go online to trashking.ca.



Best Waste Disposal Company in Greater Vancouver

Metro Vancouver Waste Disposal Company


If you do not own a truck and have the labor to remove your unwanted junk, rubbish, and construction waste then you need a waste removers service. TrashKing has been providing disposal of residential waste including junk removal of rubbish, clutter, refuse and other household trash since 2005. Our team of waste removals providers are ready and willing to help with any job big or small.

We offer commercial waste removal services to businesses looking to remove their production off cuts, cardboard and crew lunches. We sometimes provide commercial waste services that include recycling and repurposing as well as Leeds Certified solutions that reduce your carbon footprint through ethical waste removal solutions.

Call TrashKing today at 604-433-5865 to get a waste removal audit. We offer industrial waste removal services that include site inspections, waste removal research and sometimes result in carbon tax off credits and tax rebates for innovation in waste removal.

Municipalities are even hiring waste removal companies to get rid of their recycling. Private removals are less expensive than city workers picking up and hauling the waste. Companies like Smithrite who got the Vancouver, British Columbia contract from Multi Material BC to collect the cities blue box recycling. The following items are not eligible for recycling and require waste disposal: oils and filters, rocks, dirt and sod, pesticides, electronics, pharmaceuticals and medications, mattress and boxsprings, car parts, batteries, tires, pet waste and animal carcasses, paint solvents and hazardous materials, particulate waste, uncontained liquids as well as biomedical pathological waste.

Waste Disposal Contractors

Whether you are homeowner looking for help with your residential waste disposal company or a business looking for disposal of commercial waste we have an inventory of containers ready to dispose of your unwanted materials. Call Trash King at 604-433-5865 today to find out more about the best waste disposal company in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Trash King has been rated the number one waste disposal company for many reasons including their low prices, great customer service, and quality bins, dumpsters, and other equipment. Trash King offers many services including bin rentals, waste and junk disposal, estate cleanup, and much more. For full details and for pricing you can go to their website at trashking.ca or call their office number (604)-433-5865.


Trash Bins Rental Service Company

Trash Bins Rental in Metro Vancouver, BC

Our goal is to be your preferred trash bins rental company. We strive to deliver affordable trash bins with professional delivery and customer service focused rentals to homes and businesses in the entire Greater Vancouver area. We accept materials like garbage, clutter, debris, rubbish, rubble, litter, waste, refuse, scrap etc. We even are able to recycle, repurpose and divert thousands of tons of trash each year from the landfill. If you are looking for a trash bins rental service and want both an economical price and professional service, call Trash King at 604-433-5865 today.

Our mission is to be the best trash bin rental company around. We combine affordability with professional service and offer residential trash bins to home owners and commercial trash bins for businesses. Our trucks and drivers are licensed and insured for your protection and we carry a liability rider and WCB to satisfy any trash bin supplier guidelines you might have. We are municipally licensed for trash bin rentals in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver as well as Surrey, Langley, Whiterock, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Port Moody and Mission.

Trash Bins Inventory Available

Our inventory of bins for trash are perfect for rubble, refuse, clutter, rubbish and junk disposal. We also accept basement trash, attic garbage and the remains of an old fence, deck or shed. If you are renovating or constructing we are happy to accept construction materials like wood waste, siding, sheathing, plywood, appliances and recycling. We have 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard trash bins for rent. We do not rent the 2 yard, 4 yard, 6 yard and 8 yard overhead trash bins. Our commercial trash bin service is for open top containers only.

We offer rentals for both residential trash and commercial rubbish in Vancouver, BC and it’s a free call from anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Our professional customer service representatives are ready to answer all of your trash bin rental service inquiries from 5am to 11pm seven days a week. The ordering process is simple and starts with a phone call to 604-433-5865. You can work with a trash disposal expert to find the perfect waste bin for your project. With so many sizes to choose from, the best way to save money is to pick the right bin. The next step is to choose a date and time for delivery. We can accommodate any time of day or night with the right amount of notice. You can even let us know where you want the trash container placed, so that you don’t have to wait around for us on bin drop off day. Finally, just call our trash pick-up hotline and we will dispatch a truck to collect your receptacle and take it to the landfill, transfer station or recycling facility. We then weigh the materials inside the bin and email you a copy of the receipt after we charge the credit card on file. The process is very simple and takes less than ten minutes. Please call 604-433-5865 today and book your trash bin rentals today.

Roofing Bin Rentals in Coquitlam

Metro Vancouver halts plan to build new garbage incinerator

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Metro Vancouver’s drive to build a new garbage incinerator is on ice, if not dead.

The regional district announced Thursday it is discontinuing the lengthy waste-to-energy procurement process, although it indicated it could be restarted in a year or two.

Board chair Greg Moore said improved recycling and waste-reduction efforts have pushed back the need for new waste disposal capacity by several years.

“It’s not about killing waste-to-energy,” Moore said of the board decision. “It’s about stopping this process and re-evaluating our needs to ensure that we’re building the right facility for the amount of residual we have requirements for.”

Metro originally aimed to build a plant that could burn 500,000 tonnes of garbage a year, but scaled the plan down twice to 250,000 tonnes as its volume of unrecycled garbage shrank.

Moore said Metro doesn’t want to end up with an overbuilt incinerator if the current trend continues.

About 500,000 tonnes a year was once going to the Cache Creek landfill, which Metro will stop using at the end of 2016, but Moore said that is currently down below 200,000 tonnes.

“We don’t want to build a facility that is too large, that we’ve spent more capital on than what’s required.”

Metro could, with the approval of Delta and Vancouver, send more waste to the Vancouver Landfill, which currently takes less than half of its licensed annual volume of around 650,000 tonnes. The existing Burnaby incinerator continues to take 285,000 tonnes per year.

Metro officials also cite uncertainty around future waste volumes, which have been in doubt after a provincial decision disallowing Metro from imposing a ban on the export of waste out of the region.

“The challenge with new waste-to-energy is that it requires a significant up front capital investment as well as predictable waste flow,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, chair of Metro’s zero waste committee.

The capital cost of an all-new plant was expected to top $500 million. Payments to a private partner would be covered by rising tipping fees.

But revenue from tipping fees has also been a growing question mark – Metro was forced to slash its tipping fees for large haulers to get them to stop sending garbage to the Fraser Valley or the U.S.

A new incinerator faced a steep uphill battle against opponents in the Fraser Valley, who argue it would be an unacceptable source of new air pollution in the constrained airshed.

Metro officials have long rejected that characterization, but the project would have faced a provincial environmental review as well.

Moore said Metro “remains committed to waste-to-energy” as the least expensive and most environmentally sustainable method of disposing of garbage, after efforts to reduce and recycle are exhausted.

The regional district has been under pressure from Belkorp Environmental, which operates the Cache Creek landfill and opposes incineration, to allow intensive use of material recovery facilities to extract recyclables from garbage.

Some municipalities have also supported that strategy, which has been embraced by the Fraser Valley Regional District.

“We’re thrilled,” said FVRD vice-chair and longtime incineration opponent Patricia Ross. “It’s a pretty great Christmas present for everybody who has been fighting this.”

Ross predicted there will be even less need for a new incinerator in the future, and that Metro will never pursue it again.

“We in the FVRD are applauding the wisdom of this decision.”

Belkorp Environmental vice-president Russ Black said he believes the need for action on climate change was one factor behind the Metro decision.

“It just doesn’t make sense to burn recyclables like plastics for energy versus recycling them and conserving energy,” he said, adding a new incinerator would also mean “burning garbage and putting contaminants in the air that Fraser Valley residents have to breathe and that would fall on the farmland of the food we eat.”

Belkorp subsidiary NextUse has been offered a licence for its proposed material recovery facility in Coquitlam.

But Black said the licence is for only five years and has other terms that make it unacceptable to build a $30-million plant. “Hopefully with this decision we get a more reasonable licence.”

Asked if the sharp decline in energy prices over the past few years also undermined the economics of waste-to-energy, Moore said no.

He noted some proponents “didn’t need to sell any energy” – including a proposal in Vancouver tied to district heating, and Lehigh Cement’s plan to use processed garbage as fuel in place of coal at its Delta cement plant.

The 10 short-listed bidders that had been angling to build and operate the new plant have been notified.

Moore said Metro is within its rights to terminate the process and will not be forced to pay penalties as a result.

Metro has spent $4.5 million pursuing waste-to-energy since 2012.

By halting the process, Metro also abandons options to buy various undisclosed sites for the possible new incinerator that it had secured.