Junk Removal in Port Coquitlam, BC

We don’t exactly offer traditional junk removal services in POCO. What we do offer is a similar service that usually ends up costing less and being more efficient than hiring two guys and a truck. How it works is simple, we help you choose a junk removal bin rental that we drop off on your property. You get a day or a week to load it your convenience and then when you are finished, simply call us and we pick up the bin and take it to the transfer or recycling facility.

What makes this service perfect for residential and household junk removal is the simple fact, that junk hides everywhere from basements to closets to spare bedrooms and garages. What ends up happening is that trying to organize the basement trash takes longer than expected and with traditional junk removal services, once the truck is gone, you are left with whatever didnt get taken. We aren’t making this up, its a real concern from customers that we have solicited feedback from over the last ten years. As soon as the truck is gone, more junk comes out of the woodwork to be disposed of.

So, ordering a bin, versus ordering a junk pick up truck and a couple strong workers, is that you have the flexibility to load your commercial rubbish up over a period of time, instead of the mad rush while the junk company is on site to get it all done properly. Trust our years of experience, that renting a bin often yields a lower cost and more thorough clean up of your business. We offer affordable service to the entire Tri Cities and Port Coquitlam area.

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