If you are searching for affordable junk removal services on the Northshore then  we have the perfect solutions.

Your first option is to hire two strong people and a truck to come to your home or business and do all the heavy lifting for you. These rubbish removal services often end up costing much more than you expected and the feedback we get from our customers is that the service doesn’t work very well. There always seems to be materials that get missed and typically you are left paying for expensive junk removal services and then are still left with household rubbish to haul away on your own later.

The second option is to rent a household junk removal bin. This process is where we schedule a disposal bin to be dropped off on your property and you can keep it for a day or a week.  You can load the rubbish into the garbage container at your convenience. You are free to enlist the help of family or hire someone to help. Resources like Craigslist and Kijiji are great ways to find casual labor to help for reasonable costs. When you have double and triple checked that all the basement junk, rubbish and trash is into the bin then give our junk hauling hotline a call and we can come pick it up. Want to get started? Give us a call at 604-305-2032 and speak to our customer service team.

We also offer commercial junk removal bins for rent. Simply give us a call at 604-305-2032 and we can help you decide what size jnuk disposal bin is the best for your project. We recycle up to eighty percent of the materials that we collect from our business clients. Ask about our LEEDS program and other recycling initiatives that are available.

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