Minibins Company in Langley, BC

We have been serving Metro Vancouver and Fort Langley since 1972 with mini bins delivery services. We offer free delivery on every bin and only charge for mini bin pick up and disposal costs. Our team of professional drivers are ready to place your bin in a tight space like an alleyway or carport. Simply, let the dispatch team know where you would like the minibin delivered and we will do our best to ensure it happens.

Does your South Langley home need mini bin? We have a selection of smaller dumpsters ready for rent. All you have to do is call 604-433-5865 and speak with our dumpster rentals team. We can help you plan your project, minimizing disposal costs, maximizing recycling and complying with the bylaws in the City of Langley since 1972.

Did you know that drywall can be recycled in a min-bin? All you have to do is keep the wallboard, gypsum and drywall in a separate container and we can take it to New West Gypsum for disposal. Drywall cannot be mixed into loads of other materials, so often we recommend renting a small bin or mini bin to put the materials in and get a larger sized garbage bin for the rest of your unwanted junk, trash, rubbish and urban waste in the Township of Langley and surrounding areas.

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