On the Northshore, there are plenty of junk removal companies to choose. Some of them are professional and others are affordable but none of them are as efficient as renting a rubbish bin from TrashKing. That’s correct, our junk disposal bins are less expensive than ordering two strong people and a junk removal truck to come to your house and remove you unwanted items.

Are you looking for junk removal North Vancouver that is reliable affordable? At Trash King, we have established an enviable reputation as the go-to trash removal company, serving the needs of both homeowners and businesses in North Vancouver and the neighboring regions. Our service are not only reliable and affordable, but also diversified enough to take care of all your junk removal bin rental needs.

Household junk removal North Vancouver

If you need to clear your garage, attic or basement of all the junk taking up the space for no reason, then Trash King is here to help you. We have a professional and a friendly team with the skills, experience and versatility to carefully and respectfully remove all the junk you have in your residences.

With the household junk removal services you get from us, we accord you the freedom to do away with working and non working appliances, furniture junk, electrical items and normal household trash which might have become voluminous and now is a bother.

Why hire us

You will never be in lack whenever you are searching for junk removal North Vancouver companies. However, not all of them will accord you the kind of services and treatment you get from us. If you are still on the fence about using our rubbish removal services, the following are some of the benefits you will get by working with us-:

  • High quality services offered by experienced professionals
  • Affordable rates with occasional discounts
  • Free no obligation quotes
  • Quality customer care experience
  • Services offered with respect and great care
  • Flexible services to suite your convenience
  • Eco friendly solutions for environmental sustainability

Trash and garbage pickup services

We also offer trash and garbage hauling services in instances when sanitation is taking long to get rid of your trash or when they have become unreliable and you need a change of provider. Our garbage and trash pickup services are affordable and available in North Vancouver as well as neighboring regions such as Northshore.

Contact us today

If you need these or any other junk removal North Vancouver services, feel free to contact us by calling 604 – 305 -2031. You can also request for a free no obligation quote and we will be glad to help you get rid of all junk in your premises.

Construction junk removal services

The junk and the debris in a construction sites can be unfathomable and removing them is always overwhelming for many people. But you don’t have to worry yourself about removing the construction junk or even think about where you will take them.

As experts in junk removal North Vancouver, allow us take care of your construction debris so that you have the peace of mind to finish up the construction project.

Commercial junk removal North Vancouver

Commercial junk removal is known to be very tasking and time consuming. Instead of spending your valuable work time in removing commercial trash, you should entrust it Trash Kings and we will help you clear the clutter so that you have additional spaces which you can utilize in different ways. With our commercial junk removal services, we take care of construction debris, commercial furniture junk, office equipment and machinery junk and computer and monitor recycling amongst others.

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