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US Venture Investment in Waste Management Companies

The waste management industry has seen plenty of injections of new cash. Studies show that only 34.6% of materials were recycled in recent years. The rest of the solid waste is ending up in landfills. Its no wonder that the antique garbage business is generating tech cash. Garbage is booming and there are even more tech plays available. Check  out...

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Residential Dumpster Service In Vancouver

In Metro Vancouver Recycling News by on January 28, 2018

Trust the recycling and ethical disposal experts at Trash King with your disposal needs. They have an inventory of dumpsters, sized for every home project, so you won’t overpay for space you don’t need. Trash King does their very best to keep the prices of their dumpster rental down for residents while keeping their recycling percent up to about 80%...

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Dumpster Rental Marketing

Disposal Dumpsters Rental At Trash King, our plan is to be your go to disposal dumpsters rental contractor. We strive to deliver affordable disposal dumpsters with on-time delivery and customer services focused rentals to homes and businesses in the entire Greater Vancouvere area. We accept materials like garbage, clutter, debris, junk, rubble, litter, waste, refuse, scrap etc. We even are...

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Where to recycle your holiday goods in Vancouver

In Metro Vancouver Recycling News by on January 24, 2018

The holidays may be marketed as a time to spend cozied up with family and friends, but at the heart of it is—let’s face it—a whole lot of consumption and, as a result, a whole lot of waste. Luckily, many of these materials are recyclable and it’s become significantly easier in recent years to dispose of them responsibly, too. Here...

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Vancouver votes to fully transition recycling collection to MMBC

At the Standing Committee on City Finance and Services, Jerry Dobrovolny, the brand new General Manager of Engineering for the City of Vancouver, expressed support for MMBC’s recommendations. The City of Vancouver has voted to shift its residential recycling collection directly to Multi-Material BC (MMBC), the packaging and printed paper steward that descended on the British Columbia’s recycling scene in...

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Vancouver seeking new ways to tackle city’s growing litter problem

Vancouver got hit by a garbage tsunami last summer, especially downtown. The combination of a tourism boom and an exceptionally hot season created the ideal conditions for litter to proliferate. It did, increasing in volume by almost 20 per cent, officials say. Added to that, a new ban on organics in garbage prompted more people to leave bags of them...

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