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Junk Removal Vancouver BC

At Trash King we offer several junk hauling solutions to homeowners and businesses. We offer junk removal bin rentals that are often less expensive and more convenient then hiring a traditional junk removal company. Our bins can stay at your home for a period of time which will allow you to ensure that all your residential junk is disposed of....

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Metro Vancouver halts plan to build new garbage incinerator

Metro Vancouver’s drive to build a new garbage incinerator is on ice, if not dead. The regional district announced Thursday it is discontinuing the lengthy waste-to-energy procurement process, although it indicated it could be restarted in a year or two. Board chair Greg Moore said improved recycling and waste-reduction efforts have pushed back the need for new waste disposal capacity...

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Metro Vancouver cancels plan to build $500-million trash incinerator

Officials at the Metro Vancouver Regional District have axed a controversial plan to build a $500-million trash incinerator to handle the waste generated by the region’s residents. The decision was announced today due to the “uncertainty” with future waste volumes output and the regional district’s ongoing initiatives to reduce residual waste, such as the recently launched mandatory organic food waste...

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Foothills Landfills temporary closure due to Power outage

In British Columbia Disposal News by on January 22, 2018

Broken power line closes the Foothills Blvd Regional Landfill In a recent development, a statement was released by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, in which it was stated that the Foothills Landfill has been temporarily closed. The reason for this closure is that a power line near the Foothills Blvd Regional Landfill had broken down. This has posed a...

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