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Materials We Recycle

The Benefits of Recycling This is the only planet we have, and millions of tons of trash is being created by consumers of all walks of life, every single day. At Trash King, we are pleased to do our part to keep this world as green as possible for future generations. Recycling not only makes for a cleaner environment, sorting...

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Is Bin Rental Right For You?

Maximize Your Bin Rental Organzing Bin Rentals doesn’t have to be a major stress. Many happy customers have found that, once they started digging through their stuff, whether it be old wet boxes from the basement,  or all sorts of old clothes, dressers and other furniture,  or tailings from the garage, that all this junk was a lot more than...

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Bin Rentals for Junk Removal

Bin Sizes Trash King Dumpster Rentals and Bins is your rubbish specialist, serving locations across British Columbia and Canada. No matter what the material, simply order a dumpster or trash bin for free delivery. When it’s full, call us for pick up and we will take care of the disposal. Just in case you have something your local crew won’t...

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Tips to Manage Home Waste

In Junk Removal by on March 22, 2020

Tips to Manage Your Home Waste As human populations continue to rise and countries continue to develop across the world, waste management becomes more pressing every day. Household waste is one of the least regulated types of waste, with less than 60% of it currently being collected for appropriate processing. It is the responsibility of all people to ensure that...

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Junk Removal Vancouver BC

At Trash King we offer several junk hauling solutions to homeowners and businesses. We offer junk removal bin rentals that are often less expensive and more convenient then hiring a traditional junk removal company. Our bins can stay at your home for a period of time which will allow you to ensure that all your residential junk is disposed of....

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