Junk Removal Bin Rental Company

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Junk Removal Bin Rental Services Waste management is the last thing you would wish to task with an incompetent company. When you are shopping for a junk removal bin service, your desire is to find a company that will give you all the convenience you need to effectively take […]

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Cheap Junk Removal in Metro Vancouver

Pocket-Book Friendly Junk Removal Tips in Metro Vancouver Everyone everywhere is looking for a way or two on how to save some cash. Whether you are shopping online or you are down at the local stores, you will always search for deals just to help you save some money during these tough economic times. So […]

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Commercial Trash Bin Rentals

Commercial Trash Bins: How Does the Service Work? At TrashKing, we offer commercial trash bins for rent to businesses in Metro Vancouver. The process is simple and starts with a call to 604-433-5865 to speak with one of our waste management specialists. Together, we can come up with a trash removal solution that minimizes your […]

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Junk Recycling in Coquitlam, BC

Creating Art from Recycled Materials in Coquitlam, BC When you endeavor in domestic clearance, you are bound to find numerous old items that you no longer need. And the first impulse you get will be waste disposal, but don’t be so quick with the judgment. Think twice and think hard – how can you really […]

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Asian Chamber hands out awards

curated from richmond Ravi Chaudhary, whose position with the Federal Aviation Administration puts him in charge of more than 2,000 federal workers, is the 2015 winner of the Asian Leadership Inspiration Award from the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce. Chaudhary, of Manassas, was presented with the award at the chamber’s seventh annual Asian Chamber Gala on Wednesday at The Jefferson…

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