Junk Recycling in Coquitlam, BC

Creating Art from Recycled Materials in Coquitlam, BC When you endeavor in domestic clearance, you are bound to find numerous old items that you no longer need. And the first impulse you get will be waste disposal, but don’t be so quick with the judgment. Think twice and think hard – how can you really […]

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Should paper coffee cups come with a recycling fee?

curated from cbcnews A Vancouver group thinks it may have a solution to the problem of litter and waste caused by the 1.6 billion disposal coffee cups that get thrown out in Canada every year. Anna Godefroy of the Binners Project, a group that picks up recyclables and returns them for cash, believes coffee drinkers should be charged a cup recycling fee every time they purchase…

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Target Technologies International Inc., TPE, EPDM and Synthetic Turf Recycling Striving for Environmental Sustainability in the Synthetic Turf Market

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 17 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Target Technologies International Inc. (TTII) a wholly-owned subsidiary of the QUIKRETE Group of Companies is extremely pleased with the positive feedback received on their TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE Infill, their TTII PLAY-SAFE 65 EPDM Infill and their end-of-life recycling program for used synthetic turf. TTII has received many calls regarding the…

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Vancouver votes to fully transition recycling collection to MMBC

curated from solidwastemag At the Standing Committee on City Finance and Services, Jerry Dobrovolny, the brand new General Manager of Engineering for the City of Vancouver, expressed support for MMBC’s recommendations. The City of Vancouver has voted to shift its residential recycling collection directly to Multi-Material BC (MMBC), the packaging and printed paper steward that descended on the British Columbia’s…

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Fly-tipping worries grow amid review of Surrey recycling centres

curated from surreymirror THE clamour is growing that closing recycling centres will lead to a plague of fly-tipping in our countryside. Cash-strapped Surrey County Council is scrutinising the future of its recycling centres, which include those at Horley Road in Earlswood, Chaldon Road in Caterham and Bond Road in Warlingham. Cutting opening hours or even closing some of them permanently…

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Why, Richmond, Why?!? Debunking more myths about recycling in Richmond

This week, we report on our field trip to the TFC Recycling facility in Chester, which was made to help placate readers who continue to express their skepticism of recycling. Q. When people suggest recycling is a “lie,” they don’t mean TFC is taking recyclables straight to the dump. What people are suggesting — and I believe some reporting…

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Surrey councillors approve recycling charges to save £1.8m

curated from bbc Some community recycling centres in Surrey will shut at quieter times and large loads of non-household waste will be chargeable in a bid to save £1.8m. Surrey County Council approved the cost cuts after a public consultation. The charges will apply to tyres, large gas bottles and larger loads of waste such as rubble, plasterboard and soil….

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Vancouver-based plastic recycling initiative wins sustainability award in Paris

curated from vancouversun The Plastic Bank, a Vancouver-based social enterprise that encourages people living in poverty to collect and exchange waste plastic for goods, services and cash, has won the Sustainia Community Award at the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris. The international award, given to a solution, technology or initiative with significant potential to build a more sustainable future, recognized…

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Where to recycle your holiday goods in Vancouver

curated from straight The holidays may be marketed as a time to spend cozied up with family and friends, but at the heart of it is—let’s face it—a whole lot of consumption and, as a result, a whole lot of waste. Luckily, many of these materials are recyclable and it’s become significantly easier in recent years to dispose of them…

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“Grey boxes” for glass recycling come to Vancouver

curated from cknw Say hello to the “grey box,” Vancouver. The glass-only boxes are joining “blue boxes” in the city’s recycling program as a part of its contract with Multi-Materials BC. Director of Waste Management Albert Shamess says the move is needed to protect the quality of recycled materials. “The glass that is being mixed with everything else right now…

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