Recycling Bins: What Not To Put In Them

Using recycling bin is a great way to save resources; reduce the pressure on the landfills and also save money on your waste management services. But for you to enjoy all these you need to know the right items which qualify for recycling and only those should find their way into the bins. It is regrettable to note that most people will dump just any kind of waste into the bins, with the assumption that every trash is a candidate for recycling. To help you out and clear the confusion, here are some of the things you are not permitted to put inside the bins-;

No nappies in the bins

Napkins should never find their way into the recycle bin. The simple reason for this is due to the fact that currently, there is still no technology that can recycle the materials used in making the nappies. Including them in the bins will create unnecessary load on the sorting and recycling machines and your bin rental company may not be happy with you if you keep stuffing nappies in the bins.

Pizza boxes

Most people think that pizza boxes can be recycled. This is only possible if they don’t have any food scraps. Whenever the pizza box contains the grease and the cheese from the delicacy, it is automatically disqualified as a candidate for recycling. This is because during the recycling of the paper products, they are mixed with water to form slurry. But water and grease don’t see eye to eye and this is why such pizza boxes should not be included in the recycling bins.

Shredded paper

You may think that every other kind of paper is recyclable, but this is not the case when considering shredded paper. When a paper is shredded, its value dramatically decreases due to the shortening of the length of paper fibers. But for a nice long fiber that hasn’t been shredded, the fiber is still long and strong and can be recycled for up to 8 times. So don’t dump any kind of shredded paper into the bins for recycling.

Paper coffee cups

Paper coffee cups are not made of ordinary paper hence they are not suitable for recycling. They contain a thin plastic coating to prevent the liquid from leaking and this is what disqualifies them as candidates for recycling. If you wanted to contribute towards reducing the amount of hot cups generated, then it would be a good idea to go to the coffee shop with a reusable cup you could wash each time you are done with your coffee.

Film and plastic bags

Plastic bags are a real nightmare for the sorting and recycling machines. These bags have a tendency or wrapping themselves around the equipment and as a result, they could potentially shut down the whole recycling facility. But this should not mean that there is no way to recycle the bags. There are a good number of stores which now offer plastic bag recycling and whenever you realize that you have lots of them in the house, you can always dump them in such stores instead of tossing them in the recycling bins.